10th Baltic Conference on Multiple Sclerosis and Autoimmune Disorders


12th May 2023 at Von Stackelberg Hotel Conference Centre, Tallinn, Estonia.

Welcome from Conference Chair

Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 10th Baltic Conference on Multiple Sclerosis and Autoimmune Disorders, I would like to welcome you to Tallinn on May 12th 2023. After years of severe crises and web-based meetings, we are finally able to meet in person.

Once again, we have developed a fascinating program. The conference will be covering topics on Multiple Sclerosis and autoimmune disorders of the nervous system. Our conference program presents keynote speakers Professor Airas from Finland, Professor Langdon from the UK, Professor Sellner from Austria and of course, our Baltic colleagues. The very best speakers from all Baltic states will be presenting a curated selection of exciting and practice-changing topics.

Consider this a very warm welcome to join us in Tallinn this spring,
Katrin Gross-Paju MD, PhD

Organizing Committee

Professor Rasa Kizlaitiene
Professor Andrejs Millers
Assoc. Professor Katrin Gross-Paju

Contact information

Dr. Sandra Ütt


Keynote speakers

Laura Airas

Laura Airas

Professor, Clinical Neurosciences InFLAMES Flagship, Professor of Neuroimmunology, University of Turku, Finland

Dawn Langdon

Dawn Langdon

Professor of Neuropsychology, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

Johann Sellner

Johann Sellner

Professor, Chair, Department of Neurology and Multiple Sclerosis Center, Landesklinikum Mistelbach-Gänserndorf, Austria

Scientific Program

9.00 Welcome and introduction
Katrin Gross-Paju
9.05–9.45 Janssen Satellite Symposium
New developments in Multiple Sclerosis
Xavier Montalban (Barcelona, Spain)
9.50–10.10 Novartis Satellite Symposium
High-efficacy immunotherapy in the management of multiple sclerosis: lessons learnt from observational data
Tomas Kalincik (Melbourne, Australia)

SESSION I Multiple Sclerosis I

Chairs: Rasa Kizlaitiene, Katrin Gross-Paju

10.30–11.15 Smoldering leasions in Multiple sclerosis
Laura Airas (Turku, Finland)
11.15–11.40 Individual treatment decisions in multiple sclerosis
Katrin Gross-Paju (Tallinn, Estonia)
11.40–12.05 Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: when to diagnose and start treatment?
Rasa Kizlaitienė, Ieva Sereikė, Mykolas Jocys, Gintaras Kaubrys (Vilnius, Lithuania)
12.05–12.20 High dose chemotherapy cases and literature overview
Sandra Ütt (Tallinn, Estonia)
12.20–12.40 Association analysis of intergenic polymorphism of the HLA locus as a possible molecular marker of Multiple sclerosis in a case/control study in the Latvian population
Jolanta Kalnina, Ilva Trapiņa, Nikolajs Sjakste, Natalia Paramonova (Riga, Latvia)
12.40–13.45 Lunch

SESSION II Multiple sclerosis II

Chairs: Andrejs Millers, Laura Airas

13.45–14.30 Cognitive changes in multiple sclerosis
Dawn Langdon (London, UK)
14.30–14.50 Sleep disorders and fatigue in multiple sclerosis: association and interaction.
Gabrielė Pupelytė, Indrė Eitmonaitė, Evelina Pajėdienė, Dalia Mickevičienė (Kaunas, Lithuania)
14.50–15.10 Identifying factors associated with the progression from Clinically Isolated Syndrome to Multiple Sclerosis
Miglė Malciūtė, Radvilė Stankevičiūtė, Ieva Čelpalčenko, Renata Balnytė (Kaunas, Lithuania)
15.10–15.30 Relation between brain MRI volumetry results and changes in EDSS among patients with multiple sclerosis during a 5-year follow-up
Sintija Strautmane, Arturs Balodis, Agnete Teivāne, Dagnija Grabovska, Edgars Fišermans, Dāniels Urbanovičs, Edgars Naudiņš, Jānis Mednieks, Alīna Flintere-Flinte, Zanda Priede, Andrejs Millers, Maksims Zolovs (Riga, Latvia)
15.30–16.00 Coffee break

SESSION III Autoimmune diseases

Chairs: Pille Taba, Sulev Haldre

16.00–16.45 COVID-19 and autoimmunity: emerging neurological manifestations
Johann Sellner (Mistelbach-Gänserndorf, Austria)
16.45–17.00 Evolving concept of autoimmune encephalitis and paraneoplastic neurological syndromes
Mantas Vaišvilas, Nataša Giedraitienė (Vilnius, Lithuania)
17.00–17.15 Nodal/paranodal antibody positive syndromes in Estonia
Triin Helin Unt (Tallinn, Estonia)
17.15–17.30 NMOSD – new therapies offer hope (Case report)
Alīna Flintere-Flinte, Solveiga Zālīte (Riga, Latvia)
17.30–18.00 Coffee break


Chairs: Laura Airas, Johann Sellner

18.00-18.15 Case report
Inger Tark (Tallinn, Estonia)
18.15–18.30 Patient with MOG antibody disease and thrombophilia
Elīna Polunosika, Daina Pastare, Guntis Karelis (Riga, Latvia)
18.30–18.45 Autoimmune cerebellitis as an adverse event of immune checkpoint inhibition
Domantas Valančius, Irena Zagorskienė, Aušra Klimašauskienė (Vilnius, Lithuania) 
18.45–19.00 Case report
Alo-Rainer Lehiste (Tartu, Estonia)
19.00–19.15 Idiopathic hypertrophic pachymeningitis
Laura Gribuste, Ziedīte Želve, Daina Pastare, Guntis Karelis (Riga, Latvia)
20.00 Dinner at restaurant Olde Hansa



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